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Written by: CVYSL Administrator
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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(Reviewed November 2003)




1.         The League Officers (except for the Registrar) shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve until the next AGM.


2.         In the event that a League Officer becomes unable to serve, a new League Officer shall be appointed by a majority of the Board of Directors.


3.         The elected League Officers of the Board of Directors shall be the President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer.


a.         The President shall: conduct all meetings of the Board, casting a vote only when necessary to break a tie; appoint, with the consent of the Board, Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee Chairs and members; and represent the league at District, State and National meetings.


b.         The Vice-President shall: chair the Protest, Appeals and Discipline (PAD) Committee; preside over league meetings in the absence of the President; and assist the President as needed in the operation of the League


c.         The Secretary shall: take minutes of all meetings and distribute to all Board members, handle correspondence for the league, and chair the Rules and Revisions Committee and the Credentials Committee.


d.         The Treasurer shall: serve as the chief financial officer of the league, preparing monthly financial statements for the Board and prepare an annual budget. The Treasurer shall establish and maintain a Treasurer's Guide for all clubs to follow.


e.         The Metro Coordinator (on recommendation of CVU Board), Registrar, Coaching Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, and Scorekeeper shall be appointed by the newly elected President at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the Board following the AGM and shall be voting members of the Board. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner.


f.          The Registrar shall: coordinate the registration of all players and teams within the league, working closely with each club's registrar, assist in seeding and scheduling of the recreation level teams and serve as chair of the Registration Committee.


4.         a.         Each member club shall select its manager as it deems fit.


b.         Each member club shall select a Treasurer to maintain its financial records and provide the required financial information to the League Treasurer.


5.         The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the following:


a.         Being familiar with, interpreting and enforcing the CVYSL Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules of the League and all applicable rules and regulations of the associations with which the League is affiliated.


b.         Approving procedures for the formation of teams and ensuring proper registration of players, coaches, teams, referees.


c.         Approving the addition of new clubs or the dissolution or merging of existing clubs.


d.         Ensuring proper accounting of fiscal transactions and accurate reporting to the District Commissioner and/or the appointed assistant.


e.         Sanctioning travel of teams for any competitions played out of the League boundaries.


f.          Establishing a common set of administrative rules and rules of play for all teams registered within the league.


g.         Providing opportunities to play and levels of competition for all youth within the boundaries of the league.


h.         Having the CVYSL tax return prepared by an independent CPA for the tax year in accordance with IRS Corporation requirements.


6.         The Board of Directors shall have the right and authority to suspend, bar completely or otherwise discipline any player, coach, team, manager, team assistant, league official or any other person associated with the operation of the league from any member team or organization for failure to abide by any rule, regulation or Article of the Constitution, Bylaws or Standing Rules of this organization or any other rule or regulation for which this organization is bound by. This action is subject to approval by a majority of the Board of Directors within five calendar days.



1.         The following standing committees shall be appointed annually.

a.     Rules and Revisions Committee

b.     Protest, Appeals and Discipline Committee (PAD)

c.     Registration Committee

d.     Credentials Committee


2.         The President may appoint any other committees deemed necessary, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.




1.         Any applicant for membership in the League shall submit yearly, with the appropriate fee(s):

a.         Properly completed registration form for each team, player and coach, prepared in accordance with the current CYSA registration instructions and procedures.


b.         Submit upon initial registration of each player, proof of place and date of birth.




1.         Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at least monthly. agenda for all board meetings shall be as follows:


a. Call to Order

b. Roll Call

c. Introduction of Guests

d. Additions to Agenda

e. Acceptance of Minutes

f. Correspondence

g. Treasurer's Report

h. Committee Reports

i. Old/Unfinished Business

j. New Business

k. Good of the Game

l. Adjournment


2.         The An emergency meeting may be called by any three members of the Board of Directors subject to all actions being ratified by at least a majority of the voting Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

3.         Fifty percent of the Board must be present at all meetings to constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.




The seasonal year for membership/registration shall be from September I through August 31.




1.         Only violations of the Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules of the League or misapplication of the "Laws of the Game" shall be proper subjects to be considered for action.


2.         All game related protests must be submitted in writing to the CVYSL Vice President and postmarked within 48 hours of the game during which the incident occurred.  Protests involving election of club officers must be submitted in writing to the CVYSL Vice President and postmarked within 72 hours of the election.  Club administrative related appeals must be submitted in writing to the CVYSL Vice President and postmarked within 48 hours of the Club's issuing a decision on the Club protest.  (Week‑ends and holidays are excluded from all of the above time frames.)  The league mailing address will be noted in the Standing Rules.  All protests must be accompanied by a check for $39.00 made payable to CVYSL.  Should the committee decide in favor of the protest, the check will be returned.  Otherwise, the funds will be deposited into the general fund of the League.


3.         Any decision rendered by the PAD Committee may be appealed to the Board of Directors and then, if needed, to the next higher level as provided for by CYSA Rules and Regulations.


4.         Upon rendering a decision, the PAD Committee shall forward a written copy of its evidence, findings and decision to the appropriate authority and to the parties involved. A copy shall be maintained by the chair.


5.         In the matter of protests and appeals, no aggrieved party shall engage the services of an attorney until all avenues of protest and appeals are exhausted through the regular channels of organized soccer,




Except as noted in the Constitution, Bylaws and/or Standing Rules of CVYSL or affiliated organizations; Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all meetings.

Reviewed November 2003

Revised 1/5/02 by Cathy Crothers pursuant to December 2001 AGM.

file: CVYSL Bylaws 03.doc

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