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CVYSL Standing Rules


Written by: CVYSL Administrator
Friday, October 2, 2009

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S:01:01          The home club shall deliver the properly completed game cards for all games played on their home fields to the league scorekeeper no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Sunday immediately following game day.


S:01:02          The home club manager shall be responsible for highlighting all game cards which contain red or yellow card violations, calling them to the attention of the league scorekeeper.


S:01:03          The league scorekeeper shall be responsible for forwarding all cards requiring PAD Committee action to the league vice president by the Monday immediately following the incident.


S:01:04          The home club shall provide the proper field equipment (corner flags, goal posts, nets and game ball), maintain fields in playable condition and properly line chalk the fields.


S:01:05          The home club shall be responsible for all games starting on time and seeing that game schedules are met.


S:01:06          The home club shall be responsible for scheduling referees for all games played on their fields. If no referee shows and the coaches cannot mutually select a referee(s) from the people present at the field, then both coaches shall referee the game. Coaches do not have the right to object to the assigned referee.


S:01:07          In the event both teams have similarly colored jerseys, the home team must change its colors. White t-shirts are adequate. In the age groups of under 12 and above, each player will wear a jersey with a number, without duplicate numbers on the same team. The referee has the final judgment on all matters pertaining to uniforms on the field of play.


S:01:08          Whenever possible, teams shall be on the same side of the field, with the home team having first choice of end. There shall be a line one yard from the touch line and extending 10 yards to either side of the half line. All players and coaches shall remain within this area. Spectators shall remain behind a corresponding line on the other side of the field.


S:01:09          Each club shall provide the required financial information to the League Treasurer in accordance with the following Treasurer's Procedures:


            Each club treasurer shall be responsible for the following:

  • Maintain the club treasury binder on a monthly basis according to binder instructions (kept in binder).

  • On a quarterly basis, provide the League treasurer with the required information set forth in the treasury binder.  The required information must be provided on a computer disk and mailed (post marked by the due date) or it can be e-mailed by the last day of the month following the end of the quarter (due dates: April 30, July 31, Oct 31, & Jan 31).

  • Make necessary adjusting journal entries as directed by the League treasurer before the club information is provided to the treasurer for the next quarter.

  • Provide year-end information (on computer disk or email) to the League treasurer by January 31st following year-end.

  • At year-end, compile yearly information in pressed board binders and prepare the treasury binder for the coming year.

  • All computer disks or emails providing club files are to be received by the League treasurer by the dates set forth above or clubs shall face possible fines as deemed appropriate by the League Board of Directors.





S:02:01          Each club shall select coaches for its teams in any manner it chooses.


S:02:02          All coaches are responsible for teaching SPORTSMANSHIP and BASIC SOCCER SKILLS. Coaches are urged to communicate a sense of decency, goodwill, patience and fair play to their team and parents. The coachs behavior usually sets the pattern for sideline behavior for their team and parents.


S:02:03          Coaches are responsible for ensuring that sportsmanship and fair play are reflected in the conduct of the game. In that regard, running up the score shall be considered ungentlemanly conduct.


S:02:04          Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their associates, players, parents, team spectators and for insuring the safety of the referee. If a coach fails in this responsibility and the failure results in the coach being sent off by the referee, the game will be suspended. The game may be resumed after the sent off coach leaves the premise and another coach assumes responsibility by presenting the referee with a valid CVYSL coach pass.


S:02:05          All coaches and assistant coaches are required to be registered with the league registrar and be issued a CVYSL coaching pass.


S:02:06          By Wednesday evening of each week, the coach of the home team (the team listed first on the schedule) must phone the visiting coach to discuss the game location, time, uniform colors and other items of mutual interest.


S:02:07          By Friday evening, the coach of the home team should fill out their side of the back and the entire front of the game card, including team names, division number, age group and sex.


S:02:08          Thirty minutes before the scheduled game time, the coach of the home team must give the game card to the coach of the visiting team. The visiting coach will fill out their side of the back of the game card, then give the card to the referee 1 0 minutes before game time. At a signal from the referee, the coaches will see that their teams line up for equipment inspection and present their player and coaches passes.


S:02:09          Immediately following the game, both coaches should sign the game card, then gather their players and follow them in a line to shake or touch hands with the opposing team. Team captains and coaches should shake hands with the referee and linesmen at this time.


S:02:10          CVYSL Recreational Clubs shall require their coaches to have an F Coaching License within 1 year after becoming a coach.




S:03:01          Referees are responsible for all circumstances on and surrounding the field of play from the beginning of the coaches conference until they leave the field. The scheduled referee's authority is absolute. Once a scheduled referee declares a field closed for play due to hazardous conditions, that field may only be re-opened by the club field coordinator, club board member or League Board Member.


S:03:02          The referee has the authority to caution or send off players and persons officially connected with a team (coaches, assistant coaches, managers, etc.).


S:03:03          The referee has the responsibility to fill out the game card completely and, in the case of a send off, to file a send off report within 24 hours (excluding Sundays), along with the pass of the offending player or coach.


S:03:04          The referee shall suspend the game if the coach of either team is sent off. The game may resumed after the sent off coach leaves the game site another coach assumes responsibility by presenting the referee with a valid CVYSL coaching pass. In the event no registered coach is present or the referee terminates the game, the game will be referred to the PAD committee for appropriate action.


S:03:05          Spectators whose behavior is detrimental to the good of the game shall be warned by the referee through the responsible coach.


S:03:06          Referees must start the game at the scheduled time. If the preceding game is running late, the referee should conduct pregame procedures off the field and be ready to start play when the field is vacated. No pregame warm-up shall be permitted on the field.


S:03:07          It is expected that the referee will know and apply the 17 Laws of soccer according to FIFA plus the special rules set forth by CVYSL and CYSA. To this end, each club shall issue to its referees copies of the CVYSL Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules. Official time will be kept by the referee as prescribed by FIFA Law V.


S:03:08          Referees should in all cases be properly equipped as suggested in the Laws of the Game and currently licensed by CYSA and USSF. The proper referee uniform is recommended for all official games and all referees should present a neat and correct appearance.


S:03:09          Clubs are responsible for assigning appropriate referees to games, ensuring that the referee's skills match the caliber of game they are required to officiate.


S:03:10          The only approved method of officiating a CVYSL soccer game is the three- man diagonal system. One or both of the linesmen may be club linesmen, selected from those people present.


S:03:11          A youth referee may not be assigned as a center referee for a game in the age group in which they play, nor the age group immediately below the one in which they play. There is no age restriction for assignment as linesman.




S:04:01          All players must have a valid CYSL Players Pass. The coach for each team must have a valid CVYSL Coaches Pass. The players and the coach must present their passes to the referee before the start of the game. The passes will be retained by the referee until after the end of the game handshake. The pass of any player or coach sent off will be retained and forwarded to the Club Manager along with the send off report within 24 hours (excluding Sunday).


S:04:02          Coaches should attempt to have all players play equal time during the season, in keeping with the philosophy of teaching all players equal soccer skills. All class 3 and class 4 players MUST play at least on half of every regular and tournament game in which their team is involved, unless the coach decides that a player may not play for disciplinary reasons. Disciplinary reasons include un-excused absences from practices and/or player behavior at practices and games. Such action shall not extend beyond one game. Three such actions shall be cause for dropping a player from the team. Failure to allow a player to play one half of a game will result in a forfeiture, providing protest procedures are followed. Any player present who is not expected to play the required time must be so named and identified to the opposing coach and referee prior to the start of the game.


S:04:03          Players wearing casts, air splints, splints or other hard stiff medical devices shall not be permitted to play, no matter how well padded. The referee's judgment in this matter is final.


S:04:04          Players equipment must be in proper order. Shoes with single cleats on or near the toe or cleats with sharp edges are not permitted. No player may wear watches, jewelry, hair ornaments or other hard or stiff items that may cause injury to themselves or other players. Braids (one or two) longer than a hand span (approximately six inches) are hazardous to other players and are not permitted. Soft headbands, wristbands, knee pads, exposed undergarments, exposed long sleeves and exposed long pants are not a safety issue, but for the general appearance of the players, these items are NOT RECOMMENDED.  Fingernails beyond the tips of the fingers should be trimmed or taped. Prescription glasses are allowed if securely restrained. All CVYSL players shall wear shin-guards. Stockings must be worn over shin-guards at all times. The referee's judgment in matters of equipment may not be disputed.


S:04:05          Charging the goalkeeper is not permitted at any time he or she is inside the penalty area. Harassment of the goalkeeper while they are trying to clear the ball shall not be permitted. A goalkeeper may not charge into the midst of a group of players in a manner that endangers those players.


S:04:07          If a player is sent off for misconduct, the player's team shall play the rest of that game without a substitute for the sent-off player. That player may not play in subsequent games until the players pass is returned to the coach by the PAD Committee. Referees shall not card players in the bantam (U8 and U6) divisions. However, offenses that would normally result in a caution or send off shall be immediately reported to the offending players coach and the player shall be substituted out of the game. He/she may return later only if the offense would have resulted in a caution.


S:04:08          A team must have a minimum of seven players to start and finish a game, except in Bantam divisions, which must have a minimum of five players.


S:04:09          For convenience in substituting in the under 6 and under 8 age groups, games may be played with "mid-halves"; a one minute break in each half of the game when coaches may not enter the field and players may not leave the field, unless replaced by a substitute. The referee must be informed before a game begins if mid-half breaks are not to be used. Mid-half breaks will be used only with the consent of the coaches of both teams. Coaches are encouraged to be cooperative and yield to a request to use mid-halves. Play will restart following the mid-half break with a kickoff by the same team that kicked off to start the half. The referee shall stop the game for the mid- half break at his discretion at a neutral position of the field.


S:04:10          Coaching from the sidelines (giving directions to one's own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, if:  


1. No mechanical devices are used (i.e., Bullhorns);  


2. The TONE of the voice is informative;    


3. No coach or substitute is to be anywhere but at the bench during play (within an area no more than 10 yards either side of the halfway line);    


4. No coach, substitute or player may make derogatory remarks or gestures towards the referees or members of the other team;


5. No profane or obscene language is used;    


6. In the event both teams are on the same side of the field, a bench area will be designated by each coach and the coaches and substitutes are restricted to within five yards of that area;   


7. There will be no coaching by a parent, assistant coach, coach or player outside the coaching area, which is defined as 10 yards on either side of the halfway line and one yard from the touch line.


S:04:11          All spectators shall remain two yards away from the touch line (sideline) of the field. No person, except photographers, may stand by the goal line or near the goal area.




S:05:01          The PAD Committee shall meet as needed during off-season and by Thursday evenings of each week during regular season play, unless there are no matters upon which to rule. The committee shall be chaired by the CVYSL Vice President.  There shall be six (6) appointed committee members with no more than one member per club.  No less than two members from non-involved clubs and the CVYSL Vice President shall hear a disciplinary action, protest or appeal.  The Club Managers must sign and forward protests immediately to the PAD Committee.


S:05:02          All game related protests must be submitted in writing to the CVYSL Vice President and postmarked within 48 hours of the game during which the incident occurred.  Protests involving election of club officers must be submitted in writing to the CVYSL Vice President and postmarked within 72 hours of the election.  Club administrative related appeals must be submitted in writing to the CVYSL Vice President and postmarked within 48 hours of the Club's issuing a decision on the Club protest.  (Week‑ends and holidays are excluded from all of the above time frames.)  The league mailing address is CVYSL,

P.O. Box 2745, Citrus Heights, CA95611
.  All protests must be accompanied by a check for $39 made payable to CVYSL.  Should the committee decide in favor of the protest, the check will be returned.  Otherwise, the funds will be deposited into the general fund of the League.


S:05:03          Send‑off and red card issuant will be heard by the PAD Committee by the Thursday following the issuing of the report or red card or upon receipt of the report and/or game card.  At the PAD meeting, the alleged charges will be read, the player or coach will have a ten minute opportunity to present findings and evidence, the referee will have a ten minute opportunity to present findings and evidence.  After all incidents have been read and all input received, the PAD Committee will go into closed session to determine the appropriate action considering the District minimum penalty guidelines.


S:05:04          Upon rendering a decision, the PAD Committee shall forward a written copy of its evidence, findings and decision to the appropriate authority and to the parties involved.  A copy shall be maintained by the chair.  If appropriate, the player/coach pass will be held by the committee chair.


S:05:05          Clubs that have issues before the PAD Committee will share any and all administrative costs associated with meetings to hear issues. These costs may include room rental and meeting notices.




S:06:01          Bantam teams are those in the under 6 and under 8 age groups. They shall play with a maximum of seven players on the field, one of which shall be designated as the goalkeeper. A Bantam roster may not contain more than 12 registered players.


S:06:02          Bantam fields should be 40 yards wide and 60 yards long. The goal size should be six feet high and 18 feet wide. The penalty area should be nine yards deep and 22 yards wide. The goal box should be three yards deep and I 0 yards wide. The penalty arc and halfway circle shall be five yards in circumference. Exceptions may be granted for certain established fields which do not meet these requirements.







S:07:01          The following is the approved game time and ball size for regular season CVYSL games;


AGE GROUP                        LENGTH OF GAME               BALL SIZE


U19                             2-45 minute halves                            #5

U16                             2-40 minute halves                            #5

U14                             2-35 minute halves                            #5

U12                             2-30 minute halves                            #4

U10                             2-25 minute halves                            #4

U8                               2-20 minute halves                            #3

U6                               2-15 minute halves                            #3





S:08:01          When a team is formed to place better skilled players together on a team, it must be declared a stacked team before seeding. Stacked teams are any of the following:   


1. A team where better players are placed on the same squad based on tryouts;    

2. A team where better players are placed on the same squad based on observation of abilities during soccer games;    

3. A team where better players or athletes are placed on the same squad based on any person's opinion of athletic or playing ability;

4. A recreational team which, over the years, has filled vacancies with stronger athletes or players; and

5. Most "A", "Premier or "lst teams, where clubs use such designations.


S:08:02          "Stacked teams" shall play in CVYSL First Division. If the number of teams in CVYSL First Division exceeds a manageable number, the League may recognize secondary groupings as needed.


S:08:03          All CVYSL teams playing in the District VI Metro League will register with Capital Valley United Soccer Club whose purpose is to develop, promote and administer a Select Class III soccer program for youth (boys and girls under 19 years of age) within the CVYSL boundaries.  Within CVYSL First Division, Class 4 teams may compete against Class 3 teams without losing their Class 4 designation.


S:08:04          All CVYSL Teams in Division V will register and play in Top Soccer Club with no age limit restrictions.




S:09:01          At the conclusion of the regular recreational season, special awards may be presented to players on division winning teams and to those on runner-up teams in each division. ln the event that two or more teams tie for first place, each shall receive first place awards and the team with the next highest point total in the division standings shall receive the runner-up awards. In the event that two or more teams tie for second place in division standings, each shall receive runner-up awards.


S:09:02          There will be no individual awards for any player (i.e., Most valuable player) All awards shall be for team accomplishments.




S:10:01          Each club shall, by June 1 of each year, submit to the CVYSL President a list of current playing and practice fields and fields proposed for development in the ensuing year. In the event of conflicting plans between clubs, the President shall convene a meeting of the club managers involved to attempt to resolve the conflict. Differences that cannot be settled at such a meeting, shall be resolved by the CVYSL Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the President.




S:11:01          Club Managers or acting managers shall have the power to dismiss or discipline, as necessary, any members of his/her club as long as it is not in conflict with that club's constitution, bylaws or standing rules. The CVYSL President and Vice President shall have the same powers, except they shall cover all clubs and shall, in all cases, supersede those of the club manager. All dismissals or disciplinary actions by club managers may be appealed first to the club board of directors, then to the league board of directors.




S:12:01          The CVYSL Board will provide ODP Travel Scholarship money each year for eligible players in the amount of up to $500 per player and up to $2000 per year for all players.  No player will get more than $500 and the Annual Budget shall not exceed $2000.


S:12:02          A player who meets the following criteria is eligible to receive an ODP Travel Scholarship:

1.      Current season CVYSL player; the season being September 1 of the prior year to August 31 of current year.

2.      Has played for CVYSL for previous two years.

3.      Must play for CVYSL in upcoming year.

4.      Player must be on a State or higher ODP Team.


3:12:03           Exceptions to the above criteria may be allowed if approved by CVYSL Board.






Revised pursuant to December 10, 2007 AGM by Cathy Crothers, CVYSL Secretary  

Amended S:08:03  June 2009, Revised pursuant to Motion made and passed on June 15th 2009

Added S:08:04 June 2009 , Revised pursuant to Motion made and passed on June 15th 2009                  

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